Bandung, 20 April 2018 – YELLO Hotel Paskal a 3 star economic brand with a creative approach to hospitality will be operating soon in Bandung. The grand opening event on May 4 will be celebrated by a Street Art Competition along with  Indonesian & International Mural Artists Collaboration.

Aligned with the hotel concept, OFF DA WALL street art competition is to celebrate the creativity of street art artists. The online registration has started since 1 April and still continue on until  25 April at where the participants have to upload the sketch in portrait and jpeg formats. The theme of OFF DA WALL this time is Paris Van Java- The history of Bandung as the creative capital of Indonesia.

After the registration period YELLO Hotel Paskal will select 25 finalists and to invite them to perform live painting during the opening party of YELLO Hotel  Paskal 4 May 2018.

OFF DA WALL in Bandung, is the fourth event after YELLO Hotel Jemursari Surabaya, YELLO Hotel Harmoni Jakarta, and YELLO Hotel Manggarai Jakarta. Similar to the implementation on the earlier years YELLO Hotel Paskal provides a total of  twenty million rupiah for the winner. The first winner will get ten million rupiah, the second winner get five million,  the third winner get three million rupiah, and the last four finalist will get five hundred thousand rupiah.

In addition to the Street Art Competition, YELLO Hotel Paskal will also present a collaboration of international artists from France, Germany, and Indonesian mural artists. They  would perform mural painting live on the facade of  the buildings of YELLO Hotel Paskal. 

The list of artists includes Stereoflow, Yellow Dino and Olderplus from Indonesia, Ceet and Julien Soone from France, as well as  Markus Genesus 123 from Germany. They are going to collaborate  and work together for a few days before the date of the opening ceremony on the 4th of May 2018.

“YELLO Hotels brings a new concept in  hospitality industry  with its approach of urban style. It is our way to encourage and appreciate artists to take the next step in creativity and to continue to challenge themselves. Through this collaboration of France, Germany and Indonesia, we will create more exposure to Indonesian artists to the international level and to inspire them”, said Widia Anggreni- General Manager YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung.
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